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We are looking for an experienced and passionate Security Officer to join our team. As a Security Officer, you will undertake the surveillance of our premises and the protection of our staff and visitors. In addition, you will be responsible for detecting any suspicious happenings and preventing vandalism, thefts or any other criminal behavior.

Security license sponsorship available for selected candidates.

    New employee orientation is an integral part of onboarding in which new hires(security officers) get familiar with their job roles, post orders, teammates, line managers, departments, and the organization. It’s how you formally orient new employees to a new environment and job responsibilities. It’s preceded by induction, which officially welcomes the incoming employees.

    Macforce Security orientation usually happens on the first day of new hires joining an organization and lasts from a few hours to a full workday. It’s followed by onboarding that prepares the employees for their new job roles/duties.

    For Macforce Security employee orientation is extremely important as it motivates and engages new hires from day one.